Collage Book

I have compiled a crafts book which showcases my most successful lesson plan. Aimed at upper elementary and junior high children, The Owl’s Book of Collage is an activity book which has 12 ready collages with patterns to make each. This activity book is complete with instructions on how to make the collages, tips for parents enjoying the activity with their kids and live photos of two 11 year olds doing the step-by-step process. The book is bilingual, French and English.

Here are the instructions:

Voici ce dont nous avons besoin / Here’s What We Need

1.  Choisir un collage du livre.  /  Choose the collage you would like to do.

2.  Les outils : un morceau de carton de 16 po x 20 po, une paire de ciseaux, de la colle Elmer, de la colle caoutchouc, du  ruban adhésif, et bien sûr, un grand choix de tissus. / Gather the tools:  a piece of cardboard measuring 16” x 20”, scissors, Elmer’s Glue, rubber cement, masking tape, and of course, a good selection of fabric scraps

3.  La photocopie : agrandir le dessin noir et blanc à la taille désirée. / The photocopy: enlarge the black and white drawing at the back of the book to the desired size.

4.  Le support : un morceau de carton de la même taille que le collage fini. / The cardboard backing:  a piece of cardboard the same size as the finished collage.

Below is the cover, 3 collages to do and a sample pattern to cut up.

01 Cover13 pg 10 Duck11 pg 8 SnowShoeing

An example of a pattern to cut up and pin to fabric.

Snowy Owl Pattern